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TREND konferencia HR manažment 2019

October 8 – 9, 2019 │ Bratislava (DoubleTree by Hilton, Bratislava)


Is the AGILITY a new buzzword 4 culture and trust?


We all need to respond to drastic changes or disruptions on the market and as a consequence - to redesign the way we work. At the same time it is important to make HR and workplace all about people again rather than resources. Continuously we are listening and reading that the concept of „AGILE“ could help, but what does it mean in reality? So, is it just a buzzword or something useful? Join us to explore evidence based, human centre and mindset driven tools and practice from the speakers like Natal DANK, UK, who can prove that AGILITY is a working concept.


  • Block I: AGILITY

​Agility is the ability of the organization - to renew itself, adapt, change quickly and succeed in a rapidly changing, ambiguous, turbulent environment. Being agile  - it is about being fast, break silos and use common sense. Keeping on moving faster and simpler  - with the impact! Hierarchy is the enemy of agility and need to be replaced by trust!


  • Block II: TRUST


Collins English dictionary is defining  trust  - as  being honest, sincere and deliberately not doing anything wrong. The most critical factor in the success of organizations is - how  leaders use trust, power and how they manage their authority!. Really great leaders use trust - to empower, to initiate collaboration and to inspire others.

Trust leads to loyalty, consequently loyalty inspires people doing their best - to deliver the most for you and the company. To earn trust and respect - one have to give trust,  respect and to really take care about people. And if you do so – there are no limits!.


  • Block III: CULTURE


Culture is the engine of each organization ! It is impacting the way how we live our lives, the values we hold, the relationships we form and the decisions we make. Culture might be complex, messy, unpredictable, irrational… In order to invent new creative possibilities, we need to embrace complexity of each culture.

John Curran from UK will explore it with us using some very interesting examples. As one of the pioneers of business anthropology, he is specialized in making organizations highly productive and people centric in order to achieve growth.


  • Block IV: CEO Insights



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