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Dear Colleague:

It is my pleasure as WFPMA Secretary General/Treasurer to share the latest issue of WorldLink (July 2013). This month the regional spotlight is on Latin America, where employment is growing, and expectations for economic progress are high. But as we find in other rising economies, Latin American employers face the challenge of skills shortages.


  • In his opening editorial, FIDAGH President Fernando Ariceta Bombet discusses how improving the employment situation must begin with developing supportive social policies rather than just job policies. A new work culture that nurtures specific values and behaviors will create inclusive and integrated workplaces where employees learn, contribute and thrive.
  • In the feature article “20 Years of Dynamic Change,” the evolution of modern HR management in Latin America is seen through the lens of Bolivia’s experiences. Understanding where we have been offers a unique context for creating policies that will adjust to meet Latin America’s current and future human capital challenges.  
  • WorldLink editor Martha Frase looks specifically at the skills shortage issue in the region through current research on how employers are impacted, how they are responding and the ways that women will be central to the Latin American workforce of the future.
  • Is your organization looking to innovate? But why? Seeking change for its own sake isn’t productive. Asking the right questions from the outset can stimulate the kind of innovation that helps organizations truly improve and grow. FIDAGH vice president Aida Josefina Troncoso poses 21 questions that will start your thinking.
  • WFPMA is a robust network of networkers, but are your members experiencing the kind of engagement that makes their participation consistently worthwhile? Fernando Ariceta Bombet discusses how to add value by boosting interactivity and connectedness among members.
  • Finally, this issue of WorldLink offers a useful guide to country and regional meetings for Latin America in the coming months, culminating in Rio at the long-awaited FIDAGH Seminar on Nov. 22, where national associations and members will celebrate 50 years of this fantastic Federation.


We trust that you will find this issue of WorldLink, which is available on the WFPMA web site, timely and informative.  Please forward it to the members in your association and post it on your association’s website. 


The next issue, publishing in October, will cover HR developments in the Asia Pacific Federation of HRM and throughout the Asia Pacific region. If you have story ideas for your regional issue, or events you would like to add to the Calendar, you may contact WorldLink editor Martha Frase at


My special appreciation and recognition to Martha Frase for her significant and punctual editorial coordination and valuable inputs on this WorldLink issue.


Warmest professional and personal regards,


Jorge Jauregui
WFPMA Secretary General/Treasurer