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Dear Colleague:

In my role as WFPMA Secretary General/Treasurer, it is my pleasure to share with you the latest issue of WorldLink focused on Africa and the member nations of the new African Human Resources Confederation (AHRC), which merges the African Federation of Human Resource Management Associations (AFHRMA) and the African Association of Trainers and HR Directors (AFDIP). The WFPMA Board of Directors warmly welcomes this historic merger and is grateful to the many people who worked diligently for many years to make this dream a reality. Most notably, we extend our thanks and appreciation to Tiisetso Tsukudu, the new president of the AHRC, and Hicham Zouanat, vice president, who are leading the Confederation through its four-year transition period. 


This issue includes coverage of:

  • An interview with Mr. Tsukudu and Mr. Zouanat on the future of the African Human Resources Confederation (AHRC).
  • Insights from Florent Francoeur, president and CEO of Montreal's Order of Chartered Human Resource Advisors, who facilitated the merger of AFHRMA and AFDIP.
  •  Highlights from the 20th Annual National Association of HR Managers and Trainers (AGEF) Conference in Marrakech, Morocco.
  •  The difficulty for African job seekers and employers during the recruiting process when deception occurs on both sides of the table.
  •  The enormous ‘brain drain’ of highly skilled African talent to other countries, and what governments are doing to lure the talent back home.
  •  HR-related developments in Africa.


We trust that you will find this issue of WorldLink, which is available on the WFPMA web site, timely and informative.  Please forward it to the members in your association and post it on your association’s website.


Together with WFPMA President Horacio E. Quirós of Argentina, we reiterate our appreciation to the full 2010-2012 WFPMA Board of Directors for their leadership and commitment to developing valuable regional and global HR networks among our respective associations.


We wish to thank Rosaura Barrera in her role serving as the WFPMA Secretariat at the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) and to Adrienne Fox, WorldLink Editor, for delivering a cohesive report on HR developments in Africa. The next issue of WorldLink will cover HR developments in the Interamerican Federation of People Management Associations (FIDAGH) member countries. If you have story ideas for your regional issue, or events you would like to add to the Calendar, you may contact Adrienne at

Warmest professional and personal regards,


Pieter Haen
WFPMA Secretary General/Treasurer