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TREND konferencia Personálny manažment 2016

Change management: HR competence or X-functional business discipline? 
October 5th -6th 2016| Bratislava, Radisson Blu Carlton Hotel


Who plays the role of Kotter´s pinguin here? HR? Business? And who needs whom more?
Whose iceberg is melting and who needs to rescue whom? HR Business or vice versa? 

What is the role of HR in the change management process? What are the KPI’s for change processes? How to take advantage of resistance to change? What is change management expected to do in implementing a new strategy? Is a good leader necessarily also a good change manager? Together with our guest speakers we will explore the answers at the TREND conference Human Resources management 2016. We will offer you the opinion on HR issues also from professionals from business environment – we invite more than 15 speakers including 4 international ones this year. 
We look forward to meeting you on your favourite conference - this year with new look. We prepared for you two days of professional presentations and discussions in a new and comfortable place. HRcomm prepares the conference with the weekly TREND.   

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