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TREND konferencia HR manažment 2018

October 2 – 3, 2018 │ Bratislava (DoubleTree by Hilton)



In times of economic changing environment and rapid development of new technologies, companies still should come up with new solutions. The concept of innovation has penetrated deep into employee thinking. Is there any point where should meet business, innovation and human resources? How departments must adapt to current changes and how changes can successfully be implemented.


01 Innovation vs Reinvention

In the field of Human resources management is quite difficult to come up with a breakthrough idea. How to stay in the course with changing the environment? We, as humans, also make changes over the course of our lives and adjust our mindset to the ongoing events that affect our lives. How to use reinvention in the context of personality, human resources, or business?


02 Innovations in Education

Education as a system is undoubtedly one of the most important social values, a bond of future talent and it should be managed efficiently, transparently and guarantee equal access to education at all levels. What seems to be an unattainable solution in Slovakia works in many countries abroad. How can we upgrade our education system to make it more progressive? Can we use the positive experiences from abroad countries?


Panel discussion: Education TRAP


03 CEO Insights

What are innovative Leaders thinking about? What have innovative Leaders in common?

Innovation or reinvention, the processes successfully passed by our CEO speakers. What is the key to their success? What is the best way to adapt changes? How to promote an innovative idea and to get employees excited about it?


Watch last year's conference video HERE!



Personal invitation from Marnick VANDEBROEK 

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